Monday, July 19, 2010

The circle change-up for fast bowlers?

I wonder whether any cricket bowlers have tried using the same grip as baseball pitchers use for their 'circle change-up' pitch?

This article tells how to do it: - in a nutshell, the ball is gripped such that the index finger and thumb make a circle down the side of the ball, and the middle finger is vertically on top of the ball.

If it worked for right hand fast bowlers in the same way it does for baseball pitchers, the circle change-up would be a surprise slow delivery (bowled with full effort, and the normal bowling action, but coming-out about 15-20 mph slower than the fast delivery) that would swing-in to the right handed batter.

Presumably it would be a way of bowling a hard-to-read slow in-swinging yorker.

Another way of thinking about it is that the delivery should curve-in and drop-shorter than expected - almost exactly like a sharply spun leg-break does before pitching (think Shane Warne).

Apparently, the grip is relatively easy to master - so it might be worth a try.