Monday, July 18, 2011

Maurice Holmes = Saeed Ajmal?


Maurice Holmes was recently banned from bowling (he plays for for Warwickshire) due to suspicions of 'throwing' his doosra.

It seems that after being reported for a suspicious bowling action, he was unable - or unwilling - to reproduce his match play action under laboratory conditions therefore it seems he was banned by default. From my reading he was not actually proven to throw his doosra. I have previously suggested how Saeed Ajmal can bowl the doosra without chucking:

I have never seen Holmes bowl but from the photos available online he seems to use the same grip as Saeed Ajmal, therefore he may be using the same - legal - method for bowling the doosra.

Observe the similarity in the grip:

Purely on this basis, it seems possible that Holmes might actually or potentially be able to bowl a legal doosra.

Since Saeed Ajmal is one of the most effective spinners in world cricket this could be important.



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